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12th SCT

April 18-21, 2018. Belgrade, Serbia

Workshop: In Vitro Reconstructed 3D Models for the Safety Assessment of Cosmetics, Chemicals, Drugs and Medical Devices

Date: 20th of April, 2018

Time: 15:00 – 17:00

Location: Aristotle Room

Capacity: limited to 50 persons

Registration: free attendance for the registered participants of the CTDC10 congress up to the capacity given, registration to the workshop is obligatory (see below).


MatTek In Vitro Life Science Laboratories (IVLSL) is happy to invite you to the workshop organized at the occasion of CTDC10 congress. The workshop will provide an overview of the use of in vitro 3D reconstructed tissue models in toxicology and pharmacology. The programme includes three state of the art presentations on the use of reconstructed skin, eye and small intestine as well as practical demonstration of the technology and discussion. Participants will learn about implementation of the reconstructed tissue models into the safety assessment of cosmetics, chemicals, drugs and medical devices. Validation and implementation of this novel technology into the regulatory toxicology and use in the testing strategies will also be disused.

The target audience includes experimental biologists, pharmacologists, and toxicologists, life sciences researchers and students at all levels of expertise.

Detailed Program:

Time Topic Lecturer
15:00 Welcome note

Introduction to the workshop themes

Dr. Helena Kandarova, ERT

Executive Director,

MatTek IVLSL, Slovak Republic

15: 05 Lecture 1: Skin corrosion, skin irritation and photo-irritation tests in vitro using reconstructed human skin model EpiDerm™ Dr. Helena Kandarova, ERT

Executive Director,

MatTek IVLSL, Slovak Republic

15:45 Lecture 2:  Reconstructed human cornea-like model EpiOcular™ for the assessment of eye irritation  of chemicals and cosmetics Dr. Silvia Letasiova

Senior Scientist,

MatTek IVLSL, Slovak Republic

16:15 Lecture 3: Prediction of drug induced gastrointestinal toxicity with reconstructed 3D primary human small intestine model EpiIntestinal™ Dr. Jan Markus

Senior Scientist,

MatTek IVLSL, Slovak Republic

16:45 Discussion and demonstration of the in vitro 3D reconstructed human tissue models
17:00 End of the workshop