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April 18-21, 2018. Belgrade, Serbia

The Preliminary Scientific Program is Now Available


1 Antimicrobial Coatings in Healthcare Setting: Efficiency versus Safety
2 Exposure and Risk Assessment of Pesticide Use in Agriculture: Approaches, Tools, and Advances
3 Advances in Molecular Metal Toxicology
4 Emerging and Known Natural Toxins: Environmental Fate and Human Risk
5 Modified Mycotoxins – An Emerging Risk in Food Safety
6 Applicability and Limitation of Non Animal Testing in Safety Assessment
7 Environmental Pollution and Diseases: Doses, Molecular Biomarkers, and
8 Evaluation of the Safety Profile of Herbal Products
9 From Assessment of Internal Exposure to Chemicals to Action to Prevent Adverse Health Impacts: The Role of Human Biomonitoring
10 The Significance of Drug/Xenobiotic Metabolizing Enzyme Polymorphisms in Cancer/Diseases
11 Substances of Abuse: Global Trends, Prevention, and Management
12 Biomarkers in Chronic Degenerative Diseases and Risk Assessment
13 Influence of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals on Development and Reproduction
14 Development in Methodologies to Address Mixture Risk Assessment
15 Toxicity of Respirable Particulate Matter in Ambient Air
16 Incorporating Information on Chemical Mixtures into Chemical Risk Assessments


1 Arachnids: Fallacies, Clinical Manifestations, Differential Diagnosis, and Management of Spider Bite and Scorpion Sting
2 Toxicology Data and Online Tools: Availability, Search Strategies, Open Data, and Reproducibility
3 Product Stewardship and Regulatory Toxicology in the Oil and Gas Industry
4 Health Risks From Antineoblastic Drugs Use: Enviromental and Biological Monitoring

Plenary and Key Lectures

Dr. Mary Gulumian
(Plenary Lecture)
State of Science and Profession of Toxicology on the African Continent: Lessons Learned from Challenges, Advancements, and Future Developments
Dr. Jun Kanno Introduction to the Concept of “Signal Toxicity”
Dr. Barbara Hales The Search for Safe Replacements for Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
Dr. Claudio Colosio From Pre-Marketing Studies and Authorization Dossiers to New Prospects for Pesticide Risk Assessment in Rural Enterprises
Dr. Lucia De Luca Risk Communication, A Risky Business in Toxicology

Round Tables

World Health Organization Sustainable Development Goals
Women in Toxicology in Developing Countries
Promoting Undergraduate Toxicology Education and Career Opportunities for Students in Developing Countries

Continuing Education Courses

Carcinogenicity Studies: Perspectives on Design and Execution for Successful Product Registration
Health-Based Exposure Limits for Toxicological Risk Assessment: Setting Acceptable Daily Limits for the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Safety
RISK21: A Practical Framework for Risk Assessment in the 21st Century
Water Security: Integrating Lessons Learned for Water Quality and Sustainability